is a pos and online ordering system that makes it efficient and cost effective for merchants to run their business and easy for their patrons to order from anywhere.

Who We Are​

We are the solution for Restaurant Merchants to run their business with less complexity and at a much lower cost client retention.

How It Started​

After working with multiple Restaurant Merchants over a 20 years span, we managed to discover and identify their needs and wants. 

Why Choose Us​

Our application can work with existing POS Systems or as a stand alone solution that both merchants and patrons love. Contactless Ordering.

How It Works​

Our application works on IOS, Android, Windows, Linux and your popular browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

iMenuApps® is a menu creator application that automatically creates a website for online ordering

Save on website costs, merchants no longer need a website for online ordering. If you do have a website then you just place the online ordering link and your clients will be able to order online and via their phone or tablets.

  • For Full Service 

  • Fine Dining

  • Quick Serve

  • Fast Casual

  • Delivery / Take Out

  • Bar / Night Club

  • Pizzeria

  • Specialty

Everything to run your restaurant profitably. Increase Restaurant Sales with Online Ordering, Takeout, Delivery and At The Table.


Grab This Limited Time Offer​


Is The New Cool!​

Create beautiful menus and only show the items that you have in stock, by clicking a toggle On or Off. No longer will your server be telling your patrons that an item is not available. No more annoyed patrons.

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