Offer your guests safer dining experiences with contactless technology

Integrated online ordering




no longer a need for a separate website to take patrons orders - safe $100's and $1000's every year

iMenuApps Order


Say goodbye to menus, receipts, and pens now that guests can order and pay directly from their phone.


Guests can browse the menu, place their order, and pay for their meal from their own device on their own terms.


Guests can order and pay as soon as they are ready. No waiting for a server and no handling of credit cards and pens needed.

Order Your Way! - Anytime! Anywhere!

iMenuApps Order Anywhere


All-In-One Solution

iMenuApps® is the preferred all-in-one restaurant point of sale solution, built for the Enterprise, yet flexible enough for the independent restaurant owner, featuring a monthly SaaS subscription.

Everything You Need to Run Your Restaurant
• POS Software, POS Hardware, Services, Integrations Ecosystem, and Payment all in one place.
• Our Open Web API allows you to select the integration partners aligned with your operational needs and goals.

User Friendly
• Our restaurant management platform is intuitive and user friendly.
• Training your staff is simple and quick.

Designed to Scale 
• iMenuApps can easily adapt to your growing restaurant.
• Nimble and flexible, allowing for rapid roll-outs and seamless deployment.

Delight Customers

Past orders, reward promotions, and payment history are all stored in one location, and automatically linked to guest profiles.

Customer Profile
• Customers can re-order by clicking on their last order.
• Customers can rate your restaurant.

Customized Menus

Customize your menu to match your restaurant and maintain consistency throughout all applications.

Personalize Your Branding
• Create custom built layouts, borders and panels.
• Use your own logo and images for increased brand awareness.

Flexible and Versatile
•iMenuApps® can easily adapt to QSR, Table Service, Fine Dining, and Fast Casual menu concepts.
• Built for the Enterprise, independent operator and everything in between.

Effortless Menu Management
• Implement menu modifiers quickly and promptly.
• Menu updates can occur anywhere, across all locations.

Configurable Reports

Complete insight into your operation, from anywhere.

Anywhere Access to Data
• View data in real-time, as the browser refreshes.
• Grants full awareness into your business.

Custom Reports Available
• Personalize the way you view your data.
• Take a deeper look into one specific location, or multiple stores at once.

Export Relevant Data
• Pull and filter the analytics you need in the moment.
• Identify consumer buying behaviors, peak times, and staffing requirements.

Designed for the Cloud

With its cloud-based architecture, iMenuApps® increases awareness and creates an element of control for restaurant owners, operators, and franchisees. 

Data Available in One Place
• Manage your analytics with ease.
• Collect and view data in real-time.

Increased Security
• More sophisticated architectural planning.
• Identity and access management, for heightened network encryption.

Unlimited Storage
• Eliminate in-house clutter.
• Decreases susceptibility to outages.

Available Anywhere

iMenuApps®' Online Ordering is user-friendly, and available for use on smartphones, desktop computers and tablets, IOS. Android, Windows or Linux.

Remote Management

Enjoy peace of mind while you remotely manage and can include our assistance with technical support for your restaurant with iMenuApps®

Operate at Peak Performance
• Automates maintenance tasks.
• Initiate proactive repairs and system audits.

Enhanced Security
• Enables aspects of PCI compliance.
• Guarantees that connections to all systems and applications are secure.

Seamless Kitchen Communication

Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen in current time, creating a seamless mobile to table experience. 

Patrons can write a note to the kitchen regarding any dietary requirements.


easy-to-use software that can scale with your business

iMenuApps allows for patrons to order online for Pick-up, Curbside, Delivery and At The Table.

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Some Features

From your Phone, Tablet, Terminal or Desktop Computer

iMenuApps Menu

Offer your guests safer dining experiences with contactless technology.

Order is placed online via your mobile app or website. Manage your menu across all channels to accept orders from your mobile app or website or from your employees. 

Cloud-based POS System

No matter how many digital channels you have, an online POS system makes online menu management simple and consistent. Measure sales and profit by channel and manage your digital brand from one location.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Keep your customer base coming back with our gift and loyalty program management system. Offer awards based on online order frequency, dollars spent, and items purchased.

Our restaurant loyalty software allows your customers to view their rewards in real time. This creates a perfect opportunity to engage with them through targeted data-driven marketing campaigns and offer online gift cards.

Order is received by your restaurant POS system or via iMenuApps

Ensure all your orders are captured by your cloud-based POS for a single view of transactions and customer interactions.

Online Menu Management

Our menu management software helps you update menus across multiple locations in real time. Changes to menu items, ingredients, prices, and more can be updated in your custom mobile ordering app and other digital channels with ease. Whether you run a small café or a chain of restaurants across a range of languages, our online POS makes menu management easy.

Location-aware Technology

An online ordering system for restaurants, integrated with a GPS-enabled web app, or location-aware technology automates contactless pickup. This seamless flow from order to fulfillment is the level of service customers expect.

Ready to get started?


Common questions and answers.

Most installations the cost is just your first month subscription. However, for some installations there are hardware and implementation costs, which vary depending on your specific hardware packages and installation needs. Financing is available by application and subject to approval.

Certain hardware is compatible with iMenuApps, but we advise against using your own hardware because it prevents us from ensuring your success, as we’re unable to support equipment not purchased through iMenuApps. Using iMenuApps products makes sure your hardware is optimized for your restaurant operations.

In most cases you can use your own processor. However, iMenuApps can handle the credit card processing for all of our customers. By combining integrated processing with our app, iMenuApps helps our customers capture guest data that can be used to understand their customers and send targeted marketing campaigns. 

Customer service and support is included in every software subscription, giving you access to real employees via phone, email, and web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You’ll need access to an internet-connected device and web browser. No point of sale or other hardware purchase is required to use iMenuApps.

iMenuApps is compatible with offering delivery services.
If you have your own drivers, you can offer contactless delivery, set delivery zones, and adjust delivery fees to provide guests a stress-free experience.

No delivery drivers? No problem. You can use Uber or DoorDash or any third party delivery company with our integration capabilities.

iMenuApps customers are typically able to start accepting orders within 24 to 48 hours of submitting their menu.

Our implementation experts will help get your online ordering menus up and running with iMenuApps at no added cost. No onsite installation is required.

Easy and effective restaurant marketing solution that drives incremental revenue for your business. INTEGRATED. AUTOMATED. TARGETED. MEASURABLE.

Yes. iMenuApps delivery module is included.

Yes. iMenuApps has a catering module that you can subscribe individually or have added to your main module.

Yes. iMenuApps can be integrated into your current POS System.

Ready to get started?

Each business is unique, how can we help streamline your business?

The power of iMenuApps® lies in the ability to customize. We'd like to learn about your business needs and tailor a solution that supports your growth strategy.

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